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Family Owned! Family Focused! 


With more than a decade of professional experience in all aspects of landscaping, our promise is simple. We are committed to quality, integrity and family values. As a client of PerfectEscape Landscaping©, you become part of our family. Unlike many companies who seek only a profit, we are different and desire to revolutionize the way business is done. We are more interested in building new relationships than simply seeking a profit.


As a family owned and family focused business, we are committed to watching our children grow up and being there for them as much as possible. We can replace work, but we can never replace our children. Because of this philosophy we will not take business calls after 7p.m. Please feel free to call and leave a message, send a text or an email and we will answer any question you have as soon as possible.


Our commitment to work with integrity and to spend time with our families is founded upon our belief in the God of the Bible. We want to obey Him and His commandment to honor the Sabbath Day. We observe the Sabbath from Friday at sundown to Saturday at sundown and therefore during this time we will be unavailable. We are confident that as people who value freedom in all areas of life that you will respect our convictions and we thank you for being patient and understanding!


- Joseph


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* Estimates require a $30 deposit. Estimates used to be free, however, people have abused the system in the past and therefore a $30 estimate deposit is required. The $30 will be taken off of the first bill if we get the contract.

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