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Our Maintenance Contracts Are Perfect!

Ask us about our  PerfectEscape 12-Month Contracts and learn how you can save thousands on your landscaping and get more than you ever expected!

Spring Clean-Up and Pruning


Spring Clean-Up and Pruning seem like they are pretty straight forward, but this is not necessarily true. There are different ways and times to prune or different ways to cut them back so that they will come back more mature and beautiful the next year. Many companies, who have little experience in these matters, grab a pair of power shears and hack bushes and plants to pieces that do not respond well to this kind of pruning. Certain bushes and plants when hand pruned in the healthiest manner, will maintain their shape all year long and will not have the long shoots that grow out of the top mid to late summer. Some evergreens like Taxus if pruned correctly and allowed to grow into hedges create an even more beautiful appeal to a property than shearing them into little balls which actually causes more harm than good in the long run.


As a landscaper who has worked with all types of plants for over 12 years, I am very knowledgeable in the different types of plants and how they should be cared for and what time of year they should be pruned. Anything I lack in knowledge now, I consistently learn and study for future knowledge.


Lawn Care, Landscaping
Edging, Mulching, Flowers, Mowing and Fertilizing


Edging, Mulching, Flowers, Mowing and Fertilizing are all important to the way your home or business appears. A well-kept property invites people in rather than turns them away. One that is really well manicured leaves an awe inspiring sense of peaceful tranquility which awakens the passion and beauty in your soul and the hearts of other people. Just like pruning, not everyone with a mower has what it takes to keep your lawn looking pristine. If a company does not maintain the mowing equipment properly and know the proper height to mow, then your lawn will suffer and be invaded by weeds. 


In the same way Edging and Flowers can also add a depth to your property which would normally not exist. There is a proper way to do everything so that the highest quality is achieved and the lowest effort is needed so that costs can be kept at a minimum. The experience that you have been waiting for is right here at Your PerfectEscape. 

Fall Clean Up, snow removal
Fall Clean-Up and Snow Removal

Many companies abandon the leaves out by the road for the city to pick up, but we have never thought that this helps the appearance of a property. We believe that whatever can be removed, should be removed. Some companies will stop removing leaves mid-November and the same issue occurs. The property is left to last the winter covered in leaves and not looking as good as it could look. Our concern has never been about sacrificing quality for the sake of a dollar. We would rather not make any money and have the best sites in town than to make a lot of money and have mediocre sites. Why? Because quality is its own advertisement. It will eventually pay for itself.


The same applies to snow removal. We offer edge to edge removal and calcium chloride or ice melt that will not harm your concrete. We will do whatever it takes to remove as much snow and ice from your drives and sidewalks and parking lots so that everyone who uses them will remain as safe as possible. Not only are we committed to quality, but safety is also a top priority


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