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PerfectEscape offers a variety of services. If you would like to learn more about how we could create your Perfect Escape, contact us and we will give you a free estimate along with a 10% guarantee. If you find a reputable company with a lower price, we will match it and then take an additional 10% off *.

Inside Out Service

Why use two companies when you can simply deal with one, and at a lower rate? We offer commercial contracts for both Office Cleaning and Landscaping Maintenance. Ask us about our 12-Month Contract where the price will not change from month to month** so that our clients are able to budget for all their Cleaning and Landscaping Needs!

Cleaning Products

Pressure Washing

Turn that wall, furniture, patio, etc. into something that looks closer to the day that you bought it. Pressure Washing may be added to a part of the 12-month contract. Contact us today about your pressure washing needs!

Pressure washing, power washing
Pressure washing, Power washing

Tree Removal

Need a tree removed? We can remove that dead or dangerous tree.*** If it can wait until winter months we can even give you a discounted rate. If we can't handle it, we have connections who will be able to do it. Contact us today about your tree removal needs!

Tree removal
Tree removal

* As long as price does not compromise the quality. Some companies lower the price in order to get business and in so doing quality is compromised and the work does not last. Quality is more important than doing a terrible job simply to obtain work and so we reserve the right to choose whether the work can be accomplished without jeopardizing quality.

** Price may change if desired services exceed the contractual agreement. It also may change if the cost of Ice Melt exceeds the monthly budgeted amount due to freak weather conditions.

*** We waive the right to deny any removal that would be above our abilities to do so in a safe manner where property or life may be at risk. We are only insured to remove trees that are less than thirty feet tall.

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